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 The Bush is Still Burning


That moment of exhaustion,

of having nothing new, nothing fresh,

nothing left to pray

is breakthrough.


The resigning from having to talk at God,

to tell him the news,

to sum up the world's crises

in ever such a neat liturgical framework,

the agitation of being empty and spent and over


is where self begins to end and

prayer ends its beginning.


The angel appears,

the ground is holy,

the bush is still burning.                                            


                                                                                Exodus 3

8th February 2004




When I have twisted my tongue

around this extraordinary word

about an extraordinary God

I am amazed at what he did,


will do.


I am often astounded,

gob smacked,


at life and death and everything in between.


But I am amazed

at the breaking in of a king

who is out of this world but down to earth,

who is beyond my ability to grasp him

and yet speaks and acts

using flesh and blood

and grain and grape

and all the things of my life

are suddenly filled with the ages of ages.


How to remember this word?  

He was always coining new words,

defining new meanings,

opening eyes wider.


He takes the ordinary, the mundane and the everyday 

and when he teaches “Give us this day our daily bread”

I can still go and thank the baker and buy his loaf.



The effect that an unprecedented breaking in of God has on me.

Amazing word.

Amazing God.



         19th July 1990


         F A I T H


            Faith, embracing reticence,

         glad to speak when words are called for, 

         ready for silence, for adoration.


         Faith, discipling enthusiasm

         into channelled eagerness,

         a closet love seeking his attention most.


        Faith, marked by obedience,

         wanting to be a reflection and not a distraction.

         Heady with heaven's early gifts; heading for Home.



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