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St Wilfrid, or Wilfrith, of Ripon, died 709

One of God's awkward squad, like Elizabeth Fry and Edith Cavell, who make things happen.

12th October 2015

St Wilfrid's Day

Wilfrid, Wilfrid, please don't make a scene.
We'll keep our customs as they've always been.
Are these benedictions not enough?
Just why are you so prickly and rough?

My brothers, you who call me haughty,
you're the ones who are clearly faulty
for opting out of the Church Universal,
and I shall strive to make a reversal

So all in Britain adopt the Roman Rule,
and nuns and monks, of Benedict, Holy Fool.
So be it if I must bully and chide you.
Into better ways than yours I will guide you.

Now God be praised, on Wilfrid's Feast,
for awkward, itchy saints, not least
because in zeal they stand alone.
God accepts each and makes us one.

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